Lift your business to the most highest level of productivity! Our wide range of Cranes make us the ultimate lifting partner your business needs; from Lightweight Crane Systems in Aluminum and Steel, to our most heavy duty Gantry Cranes, we offer you a custom lifting solution. Choose from our latest Travelling Cranes with Single or Double Girder or opt for a more space saving solution like our assortment of Jib Cranes. We are determined to help you find the right product to elevate your business to greater heights. Our mechanically impressive product portfolio includes the most innovative and advanced technologies and is sure to match your business needs.

Europos Kranai takes pride in providing our customers with only the most premium lifting solutions. We bring the best and most compatible lifting machinery right to your site so that your business keeps working effectively and is always at its productive best. No matter what your requirement is, you are sure to find the right match from our wide range of products.

Our Lightweight Crane Systems are available in an array of capacities and options, with a possibility to choose the metal as well, so that you can control the weight of the equipment. Choices between Aluminum and Steel also gives you the freedom to choose between their respective properties. Our specialized Cantilever and Jib Cranes are also offered in a choice of different options which enables you to serve the required workstations within your project with ease and efficiency. Whether the available headroom is low or within normal ranges, our Jib Cranes are manufactured to deliver at their optimum best. Whereas our Slewing Jib Cranes are the perfect choice when the movement needs to be in a circular motion and can be easily fixated to the ceiling, wall or can be mounted on to a pillar to provide ease in operating.

Along with our most state-of-the-art Overhead (EOT) Cranes, our portfolio for Travelling Cranes includes specialized products such as Underslung Travelling Cranes, Console Cranes, Gantry and Semi Gantry Cranes as well as Automotive Gantry Cranes on Tires.

In many cases when the most simplest of solutions is required to transfer material from one point to the other, the Monorail Steel Beam is the most conventional solution. Our Monorail Steel Beams are carefully manufactured keeping safety at the core as we believe that safety is the most crucial factor to consider and is at the top of our priority. Our customers appreciate this as well because good productivity of a business is based on both safety and efficiency. We offer our clients an option for manual of motorized trolleys for Steel Beams, that are easily adapted to the steel beam’s Flange width with the help of adjustable bolts. Each day, our engineers strive hard to offer a more better and innovative solution, which would offer greater efficiency and productivity to your business.

Our Process and Large Capacity Cranes are the most competitive choice for various Industries such as Foundry, Paper, Shipyard, Waste Management, Steel and Energy Industry. Our product range also includes Open Winch which has numerous advantages and is a popular choice when a higher lifting capacity or higher lifting speed is required. It also provides greater accessibility for maintenance and inspection. The brake is completely exterior which a big plus in many instances.

Europos Kranai also offers technologically advanced Marine Cranes and Port Jib Cranes. These cranes are specially designed and manufactured to work in Port and Marinas, for the movement of cargo as well as the regulation and maintenance of ships, yachts, boats, etc. Available in a vast range of capacities, from 1 ton to 20 tons, these are ideal for the Marine Industry.

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