Hoists are the perfect means for lifting or lowering loads with wire rope or chain and can be used manually or electrically. Our hoists are specially built as one integral package unit, designed for cost effective purchasing and moderate use, but we also offer our customers the convenience of a built-up custom unit which is designed keeping your specific needs in mind; offering you durability and performance which matches all your requirements and is ideal for your needs.

Highly sophisticated production and innovative technology makes our Hoists an ideal choice for any and all of your lifting needs. Developed and manufactured in the EU, our array of Hoists are not only reliable and safe to use, but also long lasting and easy to maintain.

Euro Cranes’ range of Hoists are designed keeping safety in mind, always keeping your business productive and your output optimal. The Electric Chain Hoists include our LCH, LP and GCH, GP Hoists. Built for outstanding performance in every field, the special coating of casings and its IP65 class ensures that it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Some of our Electric Chain Hoists can be used either as stationary or climbing hoist without any prior modification, giving you complete ease and autonomy with its usage. From our LP range, we also proudly offer the Chain Hoist LPM which the lightest among the chain hoists in the industry. Again, the robust construction which is our benchmark, makes it perfect for use in any and every industry and location.

All our Electric Hoists are built with helical gears, which ensures silent working, along with the highest level of safety with the brake positioned after the slipping clutch. With a wide range of accessories and options, our GCH Hoists are also equipped with a geared limit switch as a standard. The GP Hoists offer our customers with the longevity and easy maintenance that is so vital in everyday operations in our industry. With no sensitive electronics, the operational interruptions are kept to a minimum and the ergonomic control switch allows convenient and safe working.

The entire range of our Hoists portfolio is offered with special options like Low Headroom, Frequency Controlled, Corrosion Resistant, Explosion Proof, Synchronized Hoists, Handy Chain Hoists, Handy Telescope Hoist and more. Euro Cranes’ specialized Wind Power Plants Hoists are used for the transportation of spare parts and tools from the ground to the nacelle. The automatic switch from normal to creep speed before the end position is reached. This function avoids that load hook runs against the hoist's housing with high speed as this could possibly cause unsecured parts of the load to fall down (i.e. items from the tool box).

In our Hoists section you will also find various Trolleys, designed specially to fit your requirements. The Electric Trolleys include options of EMFE ATEX, EMFE FU and EMFE. The Electric Trolley EMFE ATEX is gasproof which ensures maximum safety while the Electric Trolley EMFE FU includes a specialized frequency converter which allows you to adjust the two travelling speeds along with the acceleration, as per your requirements; giving you the autonomy to make it custom-made for your work. It also gives you a swinging free movement and the most accurate positioning of the load. The Electric Trolley EMFE is highly durable and extremely resistant to regular wear and tear, making it perfectly suitable for end carriages of travelling cranes. Its side plates are made of sturdy cast iron and it specially fitted with fall protection, guaranteeing maximum safety. With this Electric Trolley EMFE, you can also drive through a curve with a radius ranging from 1.2 to 1.8 m.

The Push Trolley options from our product portfolio include two variations: EHF and GHF. Push Trolley EHF can be used along with an Electric Chain Hoist for the easy manual movement of any load. Apart from that, the Push Trolley EHF is also suitable to be used for the end carriage of any travelling crane. The Push Trolley GHF, on the other hand, has a low tare weight and has a perfectly smooth running. The Push Trolley GHF 500 is the ideal choice when you need to move small loads from one point to the other.  

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